Australian involvement in vietnam war essay

A sweep of the area resulted in the recovery of only five dead Viet Cong, however drag marks and extensive blood trails indicated that they had suffered heavily, with perhaps another 33 killed or wounded in the contact, while a further casualties were estimated from artillery and mortar fire, as well as airstrikes.

By far the conflict that drew the most outrage from Australian citizens was the Vietnam War. These conscripts would serve a minimum of two years with the Australian Army, during which time they may be deployed in Vietnam.

Prior to World War II, the Australian government still looked to London for leadership, diplomatic guidance and, when necessary, military protection. This increase effectively doubled the combat power available to the task force commander.

Essay: Australia in the Vietnam War

Although the idea of unfair fighting is evident and repeated in the source we continue to speculate whether these attitudes towards the war were genuinely true, or just excuses to help bring our soldiers back and end the war.

The Democratic Labour Party was an organistion which originally a party combined with the Australian Labour Party, but split from it inthat was influenced by the Catholic Church to share the same opinions and ideas to them.

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I respect people, I respect their feelings, I respect their property and I respect their equality, on the basic conscientious assumption that they have, as I have, the unquestionable right to live. The source may be useful but it is however, limited into drawing attitudes to war as it only contains a small section of the source which is not particularly detailed.

His decision to send troops to Vietnam was not only targeted to stop Communism spreading to the south, but also to help our allies, especially the United States.

As a Prime Minister, it is crucial that one needs to share the truth with the public and for the public to decide on what they believe is right, especially when Australia was a democratic country at the time. Johnson was welcomed in Australia by enormous crowds.

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At its peak it included over personnel. The ageing aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney, after being converted to a troop-ship, was used to convey the bulk of Australian ground forces to South Vietnam. An important factor was that without the support of cargoes from Australia delivered by this organisation, the Vietnam War could end in the war in Vietnam sooner then expected.

Indeed, by it was estimated that It is a frustrating experience to trek through the jungle with Australians. As there were not enough Australian soldiers taking part in the war at the time, compared to the Communists, Menzies decided to introduce conscription in Australia for the war.

The big question for Australia was where the dominoes would stop falling, and this was a big threat to Australia as we were surrounded by many Asian countries.

White was removed from his classroom and ordered to report to Army quarters at Watsons Bay. The following year he attempted to ban the CPA, declaring it an illegal organisation. The newspapers also informed readers of agreements such as the Seato Treaty of between the U.

During WW2 America had generously helped and supported Australia. An aim by this organisation was to bring back Australian troops, due to the lack of success in the war. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War started in Some of the reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War were mostly to do with the fear of communism and using the “forward defence” strategy to prevent the domino theory from happening.

There are a number of differing views about Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War. Australia's government believed in the forward defense policy, which meant that they wanted to confront the spread of communism before it reached Australia's thesanfranista.coms: Australias Involvement In The Vietnam War – Essay.

Essay: Australia in the Vietnam War

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The Australian population was divided when it came to sending Australian soldiers to the Vietnam to help the America in the war. Some Australians felt that the decision to go to war in Vietnam was a good idea.

The Vietnam War moratorium rallies of. Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War Essay Words Aug 19th, 4 Pages Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War was a result of a combined fear of communism and the fall of freedom from danger in Australian democracy and society.

The anti-war protest began in when the first Australian troops were sent to Vietnam to fight with America. Most of the protest/anti-war movement was strongly against conscription. Many of the trade unions called the governments support of America’s decisions and foreign policy in Vietnam ‘blood for dollars’, or ‘diggers for dollars’.

Australia was a country involved in SEATO. After Americas request, South Vietnam requested Australia s help in the Vietnam Conflict. Australia s involvement in this organisation was an important one, if South-East Asia fell to communism, then it s northern shores would be vulnerable.

Having said this, Australia s involvement in this conflict was not purely for this reason. Political ambition was a major contributing .

Australian involvement in vietnam war essay
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Essay: Australia in the Vietnam War